Welcome to Zonto Fitness, the new Afrobeats dance class, set to take the world by storm! Now you can get fit in the gym dancing to your favourite Afrobeats and Soca tunes. Our classes combine traditional and modern African dance moves in a full body workout that is invigorating and will leave you feeling great. Take a Zonto class today, satisfaction guaranteed.


This section will answer some basic questions about Zonto Fitness.

Zonto Fitness ® is a new dance based fitness class based on the Afrobeats music genre. Our classes combine traditional and modern African dance moves in a full body workout that is invigorating and will leave you feeling great.

In late 2012 Segun Magbagbeola who was working as a Fitness Instructor in London attended a Ghanaian Londoners networking event. While working the room he overheard a conversation between a young woman and her friend. “I love Zumba, but I wish we had one for the Azonto,” she said. Those words would stick with him. By working in the fitness industry he knew exactly how to go about getting Afrobeats in the gym. However he was writing/publishing a book at the time so didn’t have the time or resources to work on it. A year later no one else had made a standardised fitness course so he decide he would go for it. The rest as they say is history.

No. Azonto is the street name for the dance move when dancing to Afrobeats. The Azonto originated from Ghana around the year 2010. So how do you do the Azonto? On one leg you pivot on your toe and twist your heel to each side, while your hands rotate around each other you point upwards. You then repeat on the other side. This is the basic Azonto move, but the beauty of it is you can freestyle and do as many variations as you can imagine. Watch a video to see how it is done.

Zonto® is a new dance based fitness class that uses the Azonto and other dance moves in choreographed, easy to follow dance classes adapted for the gym. The Zonto Instructor takes you through the moves which improve your cardio vascular fitness, muscular endurance and work your core. The Zonto syllabus is designed to give you a full body workout that will leave you feeling great.

To promote the fitness and wellbeing of the public using Afrobeats and other Afro-Caribbean music genres such as Dancehall, Soca, and Hip-Hop. We aim to offer fun, easy to follow classes that are enjoyable and rewarding and celebrate the musical and cultural influence of Africa and the Caribbean with the rest of the world.

Zonto Fitness WILL be a worldwide phenomenon! My team and I have worked in the fitness industry for a while. We have put together a dance system that is flawless and we have the passion to work on it first thing in the morning to the last thing at night. We aim to branch out into CD’s, videos and the computer game market. Then take Zonto across the world country by country. Of course we need your help, from instructors to regular class attendants and simply by spreading a message, this is not just Zonto’s success but the success of Afrobeats and African music in general.

Zonto Classes are designed for anyone, male or female, young to old. It gives you a chance to get fit, have fun, listen and dance to a good mix of Afrobeat songs. Normally you would have to go to a club or concert to hear live Afrobeats in a social setting, but with Zonto Fitness now you can do so every day of the week. If you are a Fitness Instructor or Exercise To Music (ETM) teacher then you can become a certified Zonto Instructor and teach Zonto classes in gyms, fitness studios and sports halls. Studio Instructors enjoy hourly rates from £25+ an hour. Find out more about becoming a Zonto Instructor.