Exercise Referral Scheme

As a company with African/Caribbean roots we also want to help our communities and populations to improve their health conditions. Whilst our core business operations are based on the flagship Zonto Fitness Classes, we also recognise the importance of Exercise Referral Schemes and have made the decision to launch our own scheme in June 2022.

An exercise referral scheme will provide patients with the opportunity to engage in a structured programme of physical activity or exercise under the guidance of a suitably qualified exercise professional. The objective is to provide a positive introduction to being active which may act as a catalyst to long term behaviour change aimed at preventing and managing chronic health conditions for those affected individuals.

GP or exercise referral is found throughout much of the western world, but it is not that regular occurring (if at all available) in Africa and the Caribbean. Many African countries are still classed as developing and there are many socio-economic factors which differentiate us from our white counterparts. To give you an idea, a leading pharmaceutical company reports the health disparities among African Americans. African Americans are generally at higher risk for heart diseases, stroke, cancer, asthma, influenza and pneumonia, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS.


How exercise can reduce the risk of disease and manage conditions

Prevention & management of of chronic long term conditions

Weight management 

Normalise blood pressure

Build & maintain healthy bones, joints and muscles

Maintenance of muscle mass & healthy joints 

Increased levels of good cholesterol

Reduced risk of back problems, blood clots & falls

General improvement in health and well-being

Reduction of stress

Fewer general aches and pains

Increased muscular endurance and independence 

“Physical activity and exercise can contribute positively to the development of individuals. It is a vehicle for physical, mental, personal, social and emotional development. Such development is enhanced if the individual is guided by an informed, thinking, aspiring and enlightened exercise professional operating within an accepted ethical framework as a professional.”

[Register of Exercise Professionals, 2012]

Why Exercise Referral?

Exercise referral schemes are an excellent method of promoting physical activity, encouraging individuals to improve their health and wellbeing and encouraging habitual participation for long-term benefits

Structured exercise programmes are recognised as an important part of the treatment of many chronic diseases and long term health conditions. They have been used to manage illness since the development of physiotherapy in the late 19th Century

“There is strong activity that physical activity is essential good for health. Intensity physical activity can substantially reduce the risk of developing or dying prematurely from heart disease, diabetes, several forms of cancer and high blood pressure.” (CMO, 2004.)


Here are some common questions and answers about our scheme?

A process whereby a health professional directs a patient to a tailored physical activity programme to help them become more physically active and prevent or manage chronic health conditions.

Our exercise referral schemes Hypertension, COPD, Obesity, Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, Depression, general Anxiety, joint replacement, hypercholesterolaemia, Asthma, Diabetes Type I, Diabetes Type 2, Osteoporosis, stress, simple mechanical low back pain.

You will be referred to a suitable exercise referral specialist. Our current specialist is Segun Magbagbeola a fitness specialist from the UK. Segun has a Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral and has worked with many fitness companies including GoMammoth, Kings College Students Union, Everyone Active, and Fitness First. More specialists will become available once they have received the training from an eligible fitness training provider.

The Diploma in Exercise Referral is a practical and theory course covering three modules: 1) anatomy & physiology, 2) nutrition, 3) advanced fitness instructor.

Each exercise referral scheme is for 12 weeks. You will need to attend at least two sessions per week.

We aim to offer a varied exercise programme that can involve gyms, parks, swimming pools and even your own home if applicable.

Simply speak to your GP, Practice Nurse or Physiotherapist and ask them to write you a referall letter

I am currently located in Kenya and setting up a scheme in Nigeria. If you are in another country and want to join our scheme you can still ask your doctor to get in touch and we will direct you to a specialist.  

GP Referral Form

To refer a patient please complete the form below. This section should be completed by doctors only. For general queries please Contact Us or check the FAQ’s’?

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