Zonto Instructor Course L1


Would you like to become a Zonto Instructor? You can earn up to £20 per hour teaching Zonto Classes, use it as an additional source of income or go full time, it’s fun and rewarding. Attend a training course near you, where you will learn all you need to know to become a Zonto Instructor. 


To become a Zonto Instructor you need to take the Zonto Instructor Training Course. This is a 1 day course (8 hrs) covering all the skills you will need to successfully teach a Zonto class, including the structure of an exercise class, the signature Zonto moves, how to teach choreography, getting set up as a self-employed Instructor, and finally a 20-30 minute assessment, where you will have a chance to put everything you have learnt together and teach a Zonto Class to the rest of the trainees.  On successful completion of the course, we will guide you in setting up your first class and teaching Zonto to groups of people in gyms, church halls, community centres and studios. 

Course Features

Learn the hottest moves from the Afrobeats music scene, earn £20 an hour in a fun setting, this is a great start to a career in the fitness industry, and you have the possibility to work full or part time. On successful completion of the course you will:

  • Receive a Certificate
  • Instructor T-Shirt
  • Get discounts on Zonto Accessories such as CD’s, DVD’s and clothes (coming soon)
  • Be able to present one of our fitness DVD’s.
  • Have a listing on our website so customers can contact you to run classes.
  • Be able to apply for work in gyms and fitness studios as a Zonto Instructor
  • Be searchable on our website by the public looking to find local classes and instructors.
  • Be able to advertise your class/sessions on our website.
  • Receive our newsletter, packed full of new information

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