Zonto Fitness Personal Training

Do you love our Zonto Fitness Classes? Great. We’re proud of how far we have come in our journey.

At Zonto, we are firm believers in ‘holistic health,’ that is caring for the whole person, and strong teams ‘networks’ that is why we want to offer personal training (PT), as an alternative service for clients looking to get that personalised service to reach their fitness goals. I have teamed up with a great collection of fitness professionals that are as passionate about fitness as I am and that I can trust to help you achieve your fitness goals. Find out more below:

Why Personal Training

  • immediate access to a wealth of knowledge and experience
  • ability to physically assess health and fitness parameters, then interpret and apply collected data
  • achieve effective exercise technique more quickly
  • benefit from effective and creative programme planning
  • avoid commonplace exercise myths and pitfalls


The first step before we begin is the consultation.
This gives us a chance to meet and discuss your training goals, lifestyle habits e.t.c. This caninclude some of the following:

  • Lifestyle analysis
  • goal setting
  • periodised programme agreement
  • Static health tests: RHR, BP, BMI, waist to hip ratio, VO2 max, body fat %

Our PT's


Price: 1 hour = £40.
Price: Group = £25 per person. (2-3 people).

Individual Personal Training Session Pricelist

Price (£)40170335

Group Personal Training Session Pricelist

Price (£)2570185